Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Yo, Bro!

What a cute baby boy! What happened??
Well, I completely forgot about the Monday Morsel because I was writing other stuff yesterday. Did you miss it? Did you even notice? *sigh*

On to Tuesday's post:

I found out recently that my brother, aka Bro, has finally discovered my blog. Yeah, I've been writing since January 2012, so thanks for the support, Bro.

Then I thought about it......my brother is reading my blog. Our parents are gone, so I wasn't too worried about them. I figured since he was a big time mob boss, he wouldn't have time. (He's not really a mob boss, but it does make him sound more interesting, don't you think?) So I thought I'd best explain a few things to him.

Yo, Bro!

I'm glad you're reading my blog, and you even seem to enjoy it. If, however, you actually subscribed to it, you would be up on all the news (ie giveaways). And, it would be improper for me to simply add you to my list, so don't gripe at me about missing shit.

And, oh yeah.....I tend to cuss. In my blog, in public, you name it..... I try to watch myself around you, but sometimes I slip. You may have been privy to one or two of them.

There may be times when it would seem like we had different parents. Nope, same folks; we just had different experiences. Like, the fact that you were their favorite. I don't blame you for that (or them, for that matter!). After all, you have always been the "good" child. As our mother put it, I was "challenging." I'm pretty sure you'd agree.

You may discover things you wish you didn't know about me.....like this.....or this.....or even this. There may be other posts that will clue you in to who I really am, but I'll let you find them on your own. I thought about telling you these things myself, but you can't handle the truth. Sorry....slipped into my infamous Jack Nicholson impression. 

I will keep your true identity a secret (especially since you're a big mob boss and I don't want the FBI to come after you); you will be called Bro. I know I used to call you Fella, but Bro just seems....cooler. Maybe because I'm cooler now (me, not you).

And finally, I just wanted to say thanks for being a great Bro. I truly appreciate your support (whether or not I've had your approval) with some of my crazy choices over the years. Although I'm the oldest, I doubt I've been much of a role model (more of a horrible example, I'm afraid); you, however, are an awesome role model (for people who aspire to be a mob boss, of course), a fabulous father, and, considering the wife is still around, a marvelous mate! I love you so very much (really). Sometimes I wish we hung out more, but I know your plate is full, and mine will be fuller (see how good I write?) once I become a NYT best seller next year after my novel comes out (yes, I'll still speak to you).

And thanks for reading my blog!

How's your relationship with your siblings (if you have any)? 

Have you been there?


  1. I had the same exact reaction when my dad started reading my blog. I just sent him a text that said "be forewarned, there are things you don't want to read in there..." and all he said was "don't worry. i know you're an adult."


    isn't it funny how sometimes i feel like my followers know parts of me better than my parents do?

  2. Agreed! I'm an adult too (mostly), but it's different with family members! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. My relationship with my family has always been rocky. I've forgiven them but that doesn't mean I forget and let the knife close to my ribs again. I live states away from them now, and talk with one by text or email sometimes. That's... enough contact for me.

  4. Ayshela, I'm so glad you are taking care of yourself! Thanks for reading (and commenting!).


Yes! I've been there, Claire!