Monday, May 7, 2012

5/7/09 = Odd Day and Our Anniversary....How Fitting!

Yep, this is us. Sure is. Absolutely.
The Husband and I were married on Odd Day, mainly because it would be an easy one to remember, and the judge was available. It was also a last minute decision. Not the getting married part, just the actual day itself.

As a semi-sorta-kinda joke, I texted TH on or about the 4th or 5th (probably/maybe the 6th) that, since we were going to see family for Mother's Day, wouldn't it be fun to surprise everyone with good a marriage. Our marriage.

Sure, he texted back.

Sure? Really?!? I had the courthouse on speed dial (just in case) and called for an appointment with the judge and office hours for the license. Later, we ducked into Walmart for rings (yes, Walmart.....we sorta forgot to buy them earlier.....'cuz it wasn't about the jewelry; it was about our life together). Eeeeeeeee!!

On The Day, we were meeting at the courthouse. I dealt with teenagers all day. TH went for a motorcycle think. He wound around some back roads and found himself at a restaurant/bar on the lake, so he stopped in for a beer. The truth was, we were both happy with our individual, independent lives, and had to consider whether or not we wanted to give that up (we did.....obviously). Apparently he needed that ride (and maybe the beer)....just to be sure

We arrived at our appointed time, presented our paperwork, and met our judge....who also happened to be a biker. Good thing, because TH was a little short on cash for our fee (remember the beer?). The judge waived the shortage in true biker spirit, and she promptly married us.

We have found that, because we were happy in our single lives, with ourselves as individuals, we are even better together. Our times are full of love and laughter (and motorcycles). And our anniversary dinner is always at the little restaurant/bar on the lake.

Maybe our wedding was a little odd....maybe we're a little odd....but we're happy (and odd) together!

What was your wedding day like? Any other odd anniversaries?

Have you been there?


  1. Having been married and divorced once, remarrying was something I only considered if the devil allowed it to snow in his domain. Well… My second wedding started off at 6 p.m., amid a sultry, simmering high humidity and dry heat; inside a small church, in a small town, officiated by a small minister.
    At around 9 p.m. that same night the flurries started.  Tiny flakes of white, sporadically floating down from heaven. By 12 midnight, 1 inch of the freezing white stuff coated my lawn.
    Wonder if the devil served iced water that day too?
    That blessed day is Sept 12th… and after 19 years together, I think we got it right this time.

  2. Obviously you made the right choice -- confirmed by Mother Nature (and apparently the devil! lol). Congratulations on your many years together.


Yes! I've been there, Claire!