Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Say hello to my li'l frien'
(source: Amazon)
Remember when I told you about those fucking pantry moths? I pulled everything out, went through it allllllll, scrubbed the walls and shelves with vinegar water, set traps.....

And then I saw more of those motherfuckers flying around. It's time for the big guns.....

We bought a little sizzler of a bug zapper. It looks like a racquetball racket. The button on the size activates the juice.

And, holy crap! Sparks fly off those ex-moths. It's almost....magical. 

I may like this a little too much.......muah ha ha ha ha.......

Have you had bug issues? Try a zapper and watch those little motherfuckers sizzzzzzle! Another one bites the dust! Yeah! Another one bites the dust......

Have you been there?


  1. Ha, the dreaded moths. There are very common here in Edinburgh in traditional tenements. So bad that our agency sent us some 'mothbusters' people to eradicate them. I also always put cedar wood balls and lavender in my clothes drawers and wardrobe, good natural repellents.

  2. I use cedar for my clothes. Lavender the pantry might be nice. ;) Thanks for stopping by!

  3. We've had them for months! I hate the stupid things. I have one cabinet that I seem to have finally tackled. I have many friends who are having the same problem. I bought the traps, but they only seem to lessen the number, not eradicate them. :-( Sooooo frustrating!

  4. I feel your pain....... :(

  5. Now I want moths! Ok, or maybe just the zapper lol.



Yes! I've been there, Claire!