Monday, October 29, 2012


It's been a busy few days. A long motorcycle ride about an hour plus south of us -- a long, chilly motorcycle ride! It was 50-60 something degrees, blue skies and open roads. I would have preferred an extra ten degrees or so, but it was a lovely day.

We rode with another couple. I wimped out; I don't ride much when it's cold. I knew it would be over an hour, and I wasn't sure if I'd be able to handle it on my bike. If nothing else, I'd have The Husband to block the wind. We leathered up and spent a glorious few hours zipping around. We stopped in at the Greenwood Saloon and sipped drinks in the beer garden. There were all kinds of cool things to look at and, apparently, play with. TH and his buddy discovered traps hanging on the wooden fence and, of course, had to set them and then, of course, they tripped them. Boys and their toys....but it's fun to watch them play. And oh so grateful there were no trips to the emergency room.

Yesterday I took my CHL class. It's been a long time coming and I'll gratefully check it off my to-do list. I grew up around guns, mostly my mother's side of the family. We'd have family shoot-offs (Mother was a dandy shot), and still do. I don't know how much I'll actually haul a gun around with me, but at least I have that option. But I do enjoy shooting -- clay pigeons or targets. 

Then today was supposed to be a work day. I spent half the day trying to make the printer work; TH spent the rest of the day working on it. I was frustrated --fo' sho'. I found an angel card on my desk. It said Play. So I did......I hopped on my motorcycle and went for a ride. I had a lovely visit with my darling sister-in-law, then zipped back home. Another glorious day -- in spite of the printer problems.

Have you taken time to play? It is a wonderful stress reliever and day glorifier!

Have you been there?

PS Please keep all those in Sandy's path in your thoughts.

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  1. Most definitely! For my hubby's birthday, I held a mustache-themed party for him because he had recently shaved his 'stache off after 35 years (I had never seen him without it). He knew about the party, but didn't know about the 'staches! I bought a pack of fake mustaches, and everyone put one on (women and children included) after I sent him on an "errand." When he came back, boy, was he surprised!! :) He got one as well - a big handlebar 'stache that he promptly put on and kept on the entire time. The party was held at a nearby "fun zone," so we bowled, played laser tag, rode the bumper cars, and played ske-ball and other games for "prizes." We had mustached-decorated cupcakes and for our drinks, mustache straws! And, of course, goodie bags for all attendees. All of our friends had a blast and said that it was fun being a kid again! :)


Yes! I've been there, Claire!