Monday, October 1, 2012


It's accountability time for me! I must say, I love to travel but life is so much easier at home. I have all my spices, condiments, snacks..... Traveling is wonderful even, and maybe especially, if there's a kitchen as there was at our condo in Colorado. Still, cooking, and sticking with my lifestyle, is easier at home.

I cleaned out the fridge and pantry today. The fridge had too many science experiments, so it was definitely time. The pantry had moths -- UGH! I went through everything, and threw lots of it away. 

Of course, this will suck when I need something that know is in the pantry, only to realize that it went outside in a big trash bag, but those little buggers were driving me crazy. 

Have you ever dealt with pantry moths? After removing everything from the pantry, I vacuumed, and wiped everything down with vinegar water. Next, I carefully checked all the contents of all the boxes, packages, bags, and various other containers. Much of it was trashed; some of it was married. I also discovered I have enough tea and hot chocolate to get me through the winter. So if you stop by, that's probably what I'll offer you to drink. Forewarned is forearmed, which is a fancy way to say BYOB.

And trotting up and down that step ladder five hundred thousand times counted as my exercise today. In spite of a lack of discernible effort, I lost another .5 pound this week. I'll take it!

In other news, we have added a new member to the family. Trixie is a turtle who moved into the pond by the front door. I tried to get a picture of her, but she's apparently quite shy. I tried to find a picture to post, but there are a bazillion turtles native to Texas. All I know is that she's got a red dot on her where an ear would be. I'm happy she adopted us and I hope she sticks around. If there are any turtle experts out! The Husband is afraid she'll drown and/or starve, in spite of the fact that she chose our pond, which means she's also brilliant, because our pond is like a mansion in turtle house terms.

Have you cleaned out the fridge and/or pantry lately? Are there any temptations lurking?

Have you been there?

P. S. Check THIS out!! Big news!


  1. Bay Laurel, like the bay leaves you buy at the store will repel Moths. I use loose shelf paper in my pantry. Once a year (when I prune the bay bush) I grind up a bunch of leaves in the blender, sprinkle the ground up bay on the shelves and cover with the loose paper. That way every time you put something on the shelf it releases the scent. I do the same in my linen closet. On a side note good quality wrapping paper works just fine and is very cheap after the holidays.

  2. I've heard that. So far, no moths, but I'll keep that in mind if they return. Thanks!


Yes! I've been there, Claire!