Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Put That Damn Phone DOWN!

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Since the return of The Princess (read about her here and here), I've been on the road much more than usual. Taking her to and from school has fallen to me (mostly), and it's a thirty minute drive. Even with my bad math skills, I can see that I've added a couple of hours a day to my normal drive time. I'm not complaining; she is doing a GREAT job in school (3 credits in 2 months!) and she has taken on the responsibility of employment (yep, more driving). I'm very, very proud of her.

But I've noticed something really disturbing on the road: the number of distracted drivers on their phones.

In the last couple of weeks alone, TP and I saw a man jump a curb and almost hit a couple of students just down the street from her school. I've seen cars weaving back and forth, like a drunk driving accident waiting to happen, until I pass them and see them ON THEIR PHONE. A car swerved into my lane just yesterday because they were ON THEIR PHONE (I honked, he swerved back and all is well).

Want some statistics? Texting drivers are 23 TIMES more likely to crash. That's a LOT! Let's put it in context. For example, what if your yearly income was 23 times bigger? Or that can of DIet Coke you're sipping on? That would be 276 ounces or over 4 gallons (yes, I used a calculator, but it could still be wrong. Feel free to check my math!). Quite a leap, wouldn't you say? By the way, the focus of many of these statistics is texting, but talking on the phone is essentially the same thing. You divert your eyes as well as your ability to concentrate.

You can read more statistics:

And just for the record....eating, applying make-up, reading a map....all equally as dangerous as texting and talking on the phone.

Is there ANYTHING that is so important that it can't wait (possibly costing a life!)? If it's soooooooo fucking important, do us all a favor and pull over. Please.

I'll be honest, I've done it. All of it (except the make-up) in the past, but rarely any more. I see too many idiots out there doing it -- and putting MY life in danger. Pisses me off.....

Everyone's a teacher or a mirror.

Have you seen a texting/talking driver on the road? Have you BEEN that driver?

Have you been there?

P.S. This may be another post some day, but some motherfucker came inches away from hitting The Husband on his motorcycle. I don't know whether or not the driver was on his phone, but he was either distracted or completely fucking unobservant. PLEASE watch out for bikes as well. 

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