Thursday, May 10, 2012

It's a Girl!

Meet The Princess!
The Husband and I have a wonderful new addition to our family. Our niece from Austin has moved in with us because she wants a new life for herself. She is a beautiful, bright and courageous teenager, and the plan is to hang onto her until she graduates from high school.

In many ways, The Princess, as she will be known here, is a typical teenager: phone glued to her ear, looking up music on the computer while watching TV -- definitely plugged IN. She loves clothes, shoes, shopping and mani-pedis like most other sixteen year olds. She's a ball of energy and is my self-appointed personal trainer as I work on getting into better shape (other than "round").

But I'm most impressed with her strength, bravery and foresight. She has more wisdom at sixteen than I did at thirty. She could see the road before her if she stayed in Austin and knew she didn't want that to be her life's path. She wanted something different for herself and we hope to give it to her. Her friends and family miss her, but many of them encourage and support her to take this opportunity and run with it. Still, it took a lot of courage and faith on her part to make the move to a place she'd never been, with people she's known only a few months.

The Princess jumped into her new life with both feet. Her enthusiasm for new adventures and a new life is impressive. She willingly joined the youth group at church and is already signed up to attend a rally in June. She actively looks for ways to improve her life by asking lots of questions and making better choices. She delights in learning new things, like cooking, and having new experiences, like riding a motorcycle (yes, we've already corrupted her in that area). She's taking on new chores with joy (and no reminders!!). 

We are so proud of her decision to improve her life and are thrilled that she's doing it with us. 

Have you had the privilege of watching a teenager grow and change? Or have you made big, possibly scary, changes in the hope of turning your own life around?

Have you been there?


  1. YOU GO Niece-Gurl_Fren!!!  Stay focused on your path, goals and dreams. Wooo-Hoooo!
    Yea, I’ve witnessed at least five teens and young adults (age 18-30) turn their lives around after making choices that did not bode well for them. Resiliency, tenacity, determination, ah-ha! are words that describe what I witnessed too.
    Of course, I’ve experienced my own life changing after some disastrous choices. Any adult worth their salt will [should] admit to that. And it’s not bragging but a confession of where they’ve been and how far they’ve come.

  2. Sending warm thoughts for all of good to hear that a teenager is strong enough to step out of the wrong "box" and willingy embrace a new opportunity. 

    I watched my daughter go through this process when she was 20...and it was such a relief to everyone who loves her.  She's 40-ish now and a responsible adult...she even takes responsibility (sometimes too seriously)  for her aging mom and sees to it that MY life is comfortable and I am happy...except for being 65, that is.

    Happy new life "niece" !!

  3. Thumbs up for new beginnings and fresh starts.

  4. Love the Princess's smile! You are an incredible aunt willing to provide unconditional love to a teen who wants to make a change! Bravo to you and your husband! 

  5. Lauren@FilingJointlyMay 10, 2012 at 5:33 PM

     I second Bob's comment.

  6. Thanks Suzy. I'm still waiting on a 20 yo to grow up a bit. Hope it's sooooooon!

  7. Thanks, Linda! Yes, she's a beautiful girl. :)

  8. Exactly! I've made tons of mistakes! (I'd like to think I'm better....)

  9. I've made enough mistakes and had to grow from them. Yes, it takes personal strength and determination, but it's not something I can do in a bubble: it needs friends, family and encouragement too. I think it's great that you're willing to invest energy & support into helping your niece grow into the person she wants to be. Best of luck to you all. :)


Yes! I've been there, Claire!