Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Husband's Alma Mater

This is actually the logo for a Missouri State University
financial aide blog, but it fits.
TH + MSU = Real Life
Despite his last name and skin color, The Husband doesn't speak Spanish. Oh, he can cuss up a storm, but he can't carry on a normal, everyday, non-cussing conversation. I, on the other hand, can cuss AND converse in Spanish. I'm rusty, but it doesn't take long to pick it back up.

In order to be true to his roots, TH bought some language learning software for Spanish. Every now and then, like last night, he practices random phrases.

La mujer bebe.

Los ninos leen.

He was doing splendidly until he ran out of things to say....like anything beyond the two phrases above. I noticed he went on for awhile, however, and tuned in to hear what he was actually saying. After he mastered these two lines, he simply babbled...with a Spanish accent.

Duchess was in my lap and I had to tell her the truth: Dad went to MSU.

Make Shit Up.

TH thought this was hilarious and was actually pretty impressed that I came up with such an astute (and hysterical) quip. The truth is I probably read it on a t-shirt somewhere, but at my age, who the hell knows?

Have you laughed 'til your sides hurt lately?

Have you been there?

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  1. I love it!! I'll have to remember MSU for future use. That's great!


Yes! I've been there, Claire!