Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Find Your Inspiration HERE (the LINKS)!

I was humbled when the invincible Jess Morrow nominated me for the Inspirational Blogger Award! I'm so grateful that something I've written was considered inspirational -- thank you so much, Jess!

My duty now is to tell you, my readers, seven things about myself and to nominate fifteen other inspirational bloggers.

1. I have five tattoos. My first one was inked when I was forty-nine because I was about to become a grandmother. I was single, and I felt like I was reinventing my life, so numero uno was a phoenix. I'll save the other stories for a blog post.

2. I ride a Honda Shadow Spirit 750.....but I need a bigger bike. Like maybe a 900....but sorta low so my short, little legs can touch the ground.

3. I haven't had a drink in over twenty-five years.

4. My first novel will be published this fall.

5.  I'm left-handed (all the best people are!).

6. I was a debutante (yet another future blog post).

7. I went to boarding school (yep....that'll be another one!).

And the nominees are:
1. Ring Finger Tan Line: This lovely, courageous lady (and fellow Texan) has turned sorrow to success....complete with scrumptious recipes.

2. Jo Anna Rothman's website, The Receiving Project, is a wonderful reminder that there is nothing blocking our abundance (except ourselves!). She also has a FREE 32 day e-course all about receiving all the good stuff your little heart desires. 

3. Although I'm sure the beautiful Amanda Oaks has received this award many times, I can't leave her off any list that relates to inspiration. Kind Over Matter is a lovely site that is all about spreading love and kindness. What could be more inspirational?

4. The fabulous Daniel Collinsworth is the author of Metta Drum, a glorious site (and so well-written) full of uplifting posts. He's currently taking a break from writing, but there is a wealth of love throughout his site.

5. If you are interested in bees and beekeeping, Miss Apis Mellifera is the site for you! Ms. Emma Sarah Tennant is very knowledgeable about beekeeping (and lots of other cool stuff).

6. Another writer who has inspired me for years (long before the Internet) is the incomparable SARK: Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy. She is a fountain of love and all things sparkly.

7. Evan Sanders is a wonderful young man who wants to be an even better man. And that's what his blog, The Better Man Project, is all about. Inspiration for men and women.

8. Leigh began writing a blog, in case i'm gone, to her son after being diagnosed with a potentially fatal disease. Her posts are beautifully written and full of wisdom.

9. There are a bazillion different things to read and sign up for on Owning Pink (I loooove The Daily Flame!).

10. Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life is another inspirational source for ways to make positive changes in your life, including a transparent series about how to make money from blogging.

11. The Positivity Blog is all about applying awesome, positive tips into your life. Such good stuff!

12. If you want to simply breathe easier, head over to Zen Habits and find some peace.

13. The Bridgemaker helps readers span the challenges and obstacles of life to make positive changes.

14. I love quotes and Happy Publishing is all about inspirational quotes.

15. Last, but not least, is Rainbow Light Angel, a wonderful collection of poetry, photography and inspiration.

Whew! There are some truly inspirational blogs out there -- check them out!! Thanks again, Jess, for giving me the opportunity to spread the love!

P.S. Nominees: You are to: post the award on your site, list seven things about yourself, nominate fifteen other bloggers and let them know what you've done to them! ;)


  1. thank you for the nomination!!! that's awesome :)

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    Thanks so much for the nomination - much appreciated.



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