Monday, August 13, 2012


Whew! What a week! It's been full of trials and tribulations, but I lost 1/2 pound anyway. I made some good choices and I'm proud of the way the week has spite of the challenges!

All went well the first part of the week. The Husband has noticed an increase in my stamina (no doubt, Pool Dancing had something to do with it!) and my clothes are feeling looser (actually, a better indicator than the scale, but I still like to see that number drop!). And, although it has been a very emotional week for a variety of reasons (Thursday was awful!!), I didn't eat in an attempt to "stuff" any uncomfortable feelings. Yay! The truly surprising thing is that instead of eating over my feelings, I swam laps! Yep, you read that right -- I actually EXERCISED over my feelings instead of eating over them. Not once, but TWICE! Folks, that's HUGE for me!! 

We also had several family members in for the weekend (an unplanned visit due to the health matter of an aunt), which threw off my eating a little. We were thrilled they stayed with us and that we could help, but in situations like that, I'm not always in control of what/where I eat, so I do the best I can. Donuts were an issue for me (and I noticed some not-so-great repercussions, but it only affirmed that limiting wheat is good for me), and I wasn't able to snack like I have been so that I'm not starving by mealtime. I should pack a baggie of almonds or carrots, or a stick of string cheese, or a piece of fruit next time. Shortly after they left, a huge storm blew through and knocked out our power for about 24 hours. Again, I did the best I could, considering the choices available, but I've been eating some things I had been avoiding. I'll probably live!

Today, I'm glad it's Monday! My electricity is back on (and the house is almost cool-ish) and I get to start over. Actually, I can start over whenever I want, or need, to do so. If I get stuck in a less-than-desirable pattern of eating, I can change it the next time I take a bite. 

Besides, all the donuts are gone!

Have you had a kink thrown into your food or exercise plan? How did you cope?

Have you been there?


  1. Good job dear lady on all your successes and epiphanies too.

    I use to suffer long periods of extreme fatigue. Cuts into a regimented exercise routine for sure. Seemed I was constantly starting over. *LOL* But I persevered... and so will you! ((((Hugs)))))


Yes! I've been there, Claire!