Sunday, June 8, 2014

Lightening Up

In my last post, I wrote about the darkness that filled my life. I was overwhelmed by some changes that were happening in my life (new job, for one) and in great fear about the future. It was a perfect storm of events and circumstances that made my life, and the lives of those around me, miserable. The short version: it sucked!

Since then, several things conspired to renew my faith, balance my moods, and fill me with hope. I didn't do it alone.

For some reason, I thought I could/should live my life without anti-depressants. Boy, was I wrong about that! I've been off and on anti-depressants for years, and I wanted to get off of them completely and forever. What I realized is that I don't do well without them. Without them, I'm hyper-sensitive, cry easily (and all the time), and my outlook is beyond bleak. I have resigned myself to the fact that they need to be a part of my life, whether I like it or not. My life is 15 times better with them than it is without them.  I still didn't like the pill I took prior to my weaning experiment, so I went back to the prescription that has worked for awhile. Lesson number one....if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

As far as the job went, I put undue and unrealistic pressure on myself to A) thoroughly understand and master real estate in a matter of weeks and B) make a killing immediately. Wow. Really? Did I think I would magically turn into super-saleswoman, especially since I had no prior training? When I think back on all that, I see how hard I was on myself.....all driven by fear. I realized it was time to lighten up. Lesson number two: lofty goals are fine as long as I stay grounded in reality.

As I said, I had help. I had a chat with the lovely Vanessa Anstee who reminded me how powerful I am. She helped me find my roar again -- the confidence that had been buried under the fear. I spent some time with my dear friend Joy Holland whose positivity and optimism are infectious. She reminded me that love and possibility are everywhere, and constantly at my disposal....all I have to do is believe. Finally, Tracey Selingo topped things off with a challenge. At the time, one of my biggest fears was wrapped around the house we fixed to flip, but wasn't selling. We dropped the price more than once. We knew we would probably lose money on the deal, but hoped to keep as much as possible. I believe that we attract what we set our minds and intention on, and I was afraid my fear and negative attitude was keeping the buyers away. She challenged me to ask the Universe to sell the house in a week. What did I have to lose? I spoke with The Husband so we were both on board. That was around 2 in the afternoon; by 6 we had an offer. No shit.

It wasn't that these beautiful, remarkable women worked some kind of voodoo on me.....they simply reminded me of what I had forgotten: that the Universe loves me and wants the best for me....ALWAYS, that I am powerful beyond measure in co-creating my life, and that I have everything I need, especially if I stay in the present moment. All three of them continue to inspire me, and I'm so very grateful they are in my life. Lesson number three: loving support ROCKS!

Have you dug a hole so deep that you needed help getting out? Have you forgotten that you're a miracle? Do you have friends or mentors who can help you remember?

Have you been there?


  1. Thank you for the kind words, Claire. I've been there - in the land of putting high expectations on myself and not seeing external that I really wished would happen. Thank you for sharing your experience and sparking this conversation!

    As an example of 'how' Universe reflects to us: your article now is a perfect reminder to me today, of the power of presence - right when I need reminding. And, I'm going to apply Tracey's challenge to my life, today. I love Vanessa and Tracey both, as friends and as guides - and I love you and thank you for your support and inspiration.

  2. Yes indeed you are resourceful, we're way more powerful than we think we are :-) i'm honoured to be part of your journey and echo what Joy says about Tracey and her being guides and friends. Have I dug a hole that's so damn hard to get out of? Are you kidding me of course!! The BIG learning for me is that I yes moi dug the hole in the first place. Awareness, choice and responsibility baby that's it in a nutshell. xo

  3. I love you, Claire! Your post inspires me as you always have. I second your kudos for your mentors and am grateful they are in my circle too. You are a gem shining your own facets, asking for support when needed and continuing to glow brightly! big love.


Yes! I've been there, Claire!