Monday, March 11, 2013

Bait Him!

I've been hunting in Colorado. No luck so we'll probably stay put for another year or two (there's more to that story....another post, okay?).

The Husband has been busy all day plus a much-needed trip to the chiropractor plus physical therapy for post-rotator cuff surgery, so, Stepford wife that I am, I had dinner waiting when he came home. (It was all frozen stuff....don't judge me!)

TH isn't always the neatest eater (neither am I.....but the boobs catch it all. Yay?), but tonight he was exceptionally messy. When he showed me the big spot on his shirt, I told him the dogs would be in his lap all night. To avert this mass hysteria, he changed shirts.

But he forgot about his pants.

One of the dogs noticed....and became quite.....interested.

TH (generally a brilliant man) finally realized his error when said dog slurped his......junk.

TH: Oh man, I gotta get out of these! It's bait! You can't blame a fish for taking a bite when you bait the mother fucking hook!

No dialogue on my part, just hysterical laughter.

If you want to have a good time, spritz your spouse's pants with beefy "perfume" then sit back and watch the show. Totally worth it!

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