Wednesday, February 13, 2013

This is Love

With Valentine's Day looming, hearts and flowers (and chocolate! YAY!) are everywhere. "Love" is all around us depicted as a romantic feeling between two people. But this post isn't about romantic love between two's just about Love. Period.

When Lady climbs up into my lap and, ever so gently and slowly, lowers herself onto my chest, with intention, to bestow a hug. This is Love.

When TMPCTEL runs into my arms when he sees me. This is Love.

When The Husband (who is very attractive) mentions "his wife" in conversations with women (who may or may not be hitting on him). This is Love.

When the driver on the highway makes a space for you. This is Love.

When a friend listens to your rant. This is Love.

When the gardener gently weeds and prunes. This is Love.

When you throw your trash in the bin instead of on the street. This is Love.

When you play with your pet. This is Love.

When you pamper yourself. This is Love.

When the cook lovingly creates a tasty, healthy meal for the family. This is Love.

When you look in the mirror and see the beauty (not the wrinkles or the gray hair) reflecting back. This is Love.

When you share the most intimate parts of yourself with another (NOT sex!). This is Love.

These are just a few examples of the love you have (or could have) in your life every day. Look at these phrases. The love is in the action taken: climbs, runs, mentions, listens, weeds, prunes, throw, play, pamper, create, see, share.

Love is a verb. It is action + intention. It doesn't matter if you share your love with a friend, family member or stranger, the action is what's important. And it's OK if the love isn't returned (or returned in the way you want). Love is a gift in the purest sense of the word. No strings attached, no expectations. Love for Love's sake.

Express, embody, personify Love today.....and every day.

Have you seen examples of love in your life? Have you put your love into action?

Have you been there?


  1. Claire, I want to reblog this on my Incidental Thinking blog. I don't know much about reblogging, just hit the reblog button and go, but I didn't see a reblog button! Am I missing something? Perhaps it got lost during one of those 10-second kisses---which I, single and 65, envy...... in my elderly way.

  2. Sara Kate, thank you! I'm pretty computer illiterate, but I'll see if I can find one! Thanks so much for your kindness!


Yes! I've been there, Claire!