Monday, December 24, 2012

Best Pre-Christmas Present Ever!

Meet Zeus Lopez! Isn't he handsome?
We have a new addition to our family! You may have already met Lady and Duchess, our Boxer and Pit/American Bulldog, who, in fact, don't know they are dogs. And you'll get coal in your stocking tonight if you tell them.

We found Zeus, our new Dogo Argentine, via a rescue group at a local shelter after learning that he was on the urgent (ie kill) list. We spent some time getting to know him and introduced him to Lady and Duchess through a chain link fence. Tails wagged (mine included) so we made plans to adopt. Since that first meeting, he has been neutered, chipped and vaccinated. 

Apparently, he was brought in with two females; all three were identical. One of the females had recently given birth. The owners came to pick them up, but abandoned them instead when they found out the dogs would have to be neutered. Our best guess was that Zeus and his sisters (?) were breeders in a puppy mill. After we returned home with our prize, I did some research. Breeding dogs need to learn how to be pets -- they don't know how to play or socialize because they are penned 24/7. And they tend to be fearful. We've seen all this with Zeus, but he's a smart guy, and I don't think it will take him long to find his groove around here. He's only about two years old; hopefully there was only minimal damage done to his psyche.

He's only been ours for about 36 hours, but he's a joy....and very chill. He's been resting and recuperating from his surgery. His favorite spot is in a lap, so he's soaking up some much needed love and attention. He's getting to know the girls, and they are getting the message that he's staying. They are awesome role models and have already taught him the ins-and-outs of the dog door (I crack me up!). Eventually they'll show him how to walk on a leash, run and play.

We didn't really plan this, but I'm thrilled with our new boy. He needed a family and we were lucky enough to be chosen.

Have you gotten a special pre-Christmas present this year (or in the past)?

Have you been there?

P.S. Regardless of your faith or how you celebrate, I hope your holidays are full of love, joy, and hope. Blessings and hugs from my heart to yours. 


  1. Zeus is a great two ways. It's great for you to have him; but I think it's greater for Zeus, because he's found a happy home where he'll be loved.

    I rescued one of my dogs from a puppy mill. I paid them the freight cost to fly him out here. I've had him nearly 3 years, but he still shies when I raise my hand (even just to get my hair out of my eyes), and is also afraid of the fly swatter (makes you wonder, don't it), water, and loud voices and noises. He's a lovable little guy and I'm so glad I got him. His name is Fred---after Fred Astaire---because when he's happy, he dances around on his hind legs and does a tricky little thing with his front paws. (it's complicated--words fail me)

    Happy and Joyous Holidays to you and yours! Sara

  2. Thank you, Sara! Happy holidays to you as well!

  3. He is an amazing present. So often older dogs do not find homes. My Chelsea was a rescue. She lived for 18 years after I adopted her (They figured she was 2 or 3 years old). She gave us such joy! Congratulations to your newest family member :) Happy New Year too all of you!


Yes! I've been there, Claire!