Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sweet Treats: To Me, From Me

Casablanca lilies and carnations. house smells
so sweet!
If you've been reading recently, it seems I have one or two things to celebrate, so I treated myself. I had a mani-pedi, haircut and style (just a trim....nothing new and different), a new pair of capris (we're expecting 107 today! Yikes!), and some flowers -- smelly ones, of course. Altogether, it cost about $100. Not an insignificant amount, but not a bank-breaker either. And it felt great.

I think it's important to celebrate successes, whether they are large or small. Or in my case, I practice celebrating. One definition of practice is to "repeat action to improve." 

I'm a great minimizer; I minimize the effort that I put into things, as well as the achievement itself. I minimize other people's pride and happiness at my success, like it's unwarranted. Obviously it's hard for me to take a compliment.

That's actually a cute design and not
the hot mess it looks like in the
So I practice on myself. I take the action: I spread the news, treat myself, smile, and say thank you. But I don't feel like I've earned it. Bullshit! I wrote that novel. I haven't touched a drop of alcohol in twenty-five years. And I did a helluva lotta work on both of those "projects." If I didn't earn it, who did? I my head.....that I deserve the kudos and yeehaws. Both are big achievements. And I wish it wasn't so hard for me to feel uproariously ecstatic about my own achievements. Apparently it is.

And so I practice.

Have you had difficulty accepting success? What do you do to celebrate?

Have you been there?


  1. I have definitely been there!  I'm still working on it.  I've found, though, that often my best celebrations are, in fact, very minimal - maybe it's reading on my porch or taking an extra-long shower.  Sometimes it will be something more significant - either financially or involving more public recognition.  The main thing that I hope I'm learning is to be kind to myself.  Glad you are doing this!

  2. I read somewhere that people whose second toes are longer than their big toes are more intelligent than those whose toes graduate in length down to their this-little-piggy-goes-to-market toe.  ;o)

  3. That's gotta be the case, Sara! lol

  4. I take naps or read or ride (when it's not so frickin' HOT)  -- little treats are awesome too!

  5. This was a long battle for me.  But I turned it around.  It's not uncommon, I think, for women to feel like that.  One day I realised that I didn't think less of a man friend for treating himself well, for being self confident, and for not apologising for well, basically, breathing. LOL  He was happy with himself and proud of what he had accomplished and I was not.  Hmm, problem is mine, not his!  I used to think other people would think less of me, would think I was selfish or stuck up if I did nice stuff for me or expressed pride in my accomplishments.  Well guess what, they are going to think what they think anyhow.   Now I treat myself well and quietly am proud of all that I do and have accomplished.
    Sooo, the phrase I now use is Self care, not Selfish or Snotty.  I deserve lovely treatment just like anyone else.  The idea is to treat yourself like you would treat the 4 year old child of your best friend.  Kindly and lovingly.  If a compliment is appropriate, give it to yourself!  If a treat seems fitting, do it!  It's okay to be your best friend!  In fact, you should be!

    Okay, off my soap box lol.  I am so glad you treated yourself, good for you!!  Enjoy your success and your accomplishments.  It's your life, you should!  That's why we are here, after all.  :)

  6. I've always struggled accepting compliments and singing my own achievements. However... perimenopause struck me down. Now, I have no problem accepting compliments and then shout-out my triumphs from the highest precipice, all without vocal enhancements. *smiling proudly*
    There’s nothing wrong with singing our own praises… so do that happy dance because you are a published author.  And celebrate those 25 years of sobriety, you’ve earned it. What about all those other successes in your life – rejoice in them too!
    So, is the party at your house or at the Moose Lodge? 

  7. 25 years sober is an amazing accomplishment. And you've got cute toes, too.  Celebrate!


Yes! I've been there, Claire!