Saturday, April 14, 2012

Wacky Widgets: Say Wha?

First, a special note to Jules and Lauren: I hope that the comment issue has been resolved. I love, love, love comments and I don't want anything to stand in your way. And I wanted to tell everyone reading that you two are mostly responsible for this post, so if you (my lovely, darling readers) don't like this post.....blame those gals, not me!

So, I was wiggling my way through the widgets to appease Jules and Lauren who have had issues commenting, when I realized that there is a treasure trove of material in my Blogger gadget list. And, just for shits and giggles, I'd list a few of my favorites. Actually, I'm totally tempted to put some of these on my blog, but I worried about my readers' delicate sensibilities. But then I realized.....if you're reading this blog, you don't have any! 

Onward through the fog (it's an old Austin bumper sticker...'nuf said)...

Some of the widgets go hand-in-hand, like the fish widget and the penguin pet. The fish widget  (and I quote) allows you to "add a touch of nature to your page with these hungry little fish. Watch how they eagerly swim toward your mouse hoping that you’ll drop a few flakes of food."  Now, this is perfect for the penguin pet because, obviously, it needs to eat. You feed the fish, the penguin eats the fish.....everyone's happy! It's a self-perpetuating pair of widgets!

There are three that would work together really well: the BMI calculator, the virtual stripper, and the hot models widget. If the stripper and the models worry that they are getting too fat, they can check their BMI, just to make sure they're still in the "anorexic" category. Problem solved! (I'm all about helping those poor anorexics.)

If you think my posts aren't funny enough, I can always add a Yo Momma joke widget. A disclaimer comes with this one:  Please keep in mind that these jokes are just for fun and are not intended to be offensive. Say wha? Yo Momma jokes were created to be offensive! Their entire raison d'etre is to be offensive. Besides, it's no fun if they're not.

I've also seen widgets offering quotes from the books in the Twilight series. Seriously? How many interesting quotes can there be? It seemed to me that there were eight thousand quotes....all variations on a single theme:

"Oh, Edward, I want to be a vampire, so we can be together, and only drink animal blood because we're nice vampires, and live with you in eternal death." 

"No, Bella, I can't possibly do that to the love of my life; I hear the blood rushing through your veins and I may not be able to stop myself. Besides, I have to be the martyr since I'm already dead."


Wanna know something else boring? Apparently it's you! Now, that's not my opinion, of course. I think you're extremely erudite and have great taste in blogs. But if you are boring, there's a widget for you. Here's the description (no really is): Guess the Number is a fun game which will give you something to do whenever you're borring; you have to choose a number choosen random from 1 to 100. Boring and bad grammar. What a combo!

Or maybe you'd like to chat with Sailor Moon. You ask her a question and she answers you.  And it comes with a glowing review: is fun. Sailor Moon is an anime character that cries all the time. Probably because she has to answer all these stupid questions. Of course, she's Japanese, so you may need a translator. Amazingly enough, there's a widget for that!

Have you checked out all the little gadgets and widgets for your blog or phone? Haven't you been just a little bit tempted by those Yo Momma joke widgets?

Have you been there?

UPDATE: I'm gonna give some of these widgets a shot and see what happens (apparently they come with ads......sorry!). Feel free to let me know what you think.


  1. My vote is for the Yo Momma widget... and I like feeding fish. So throw that one up here too. I'll play with him...

    And WHOA!  You changed the comment design! Where's my "Anonymous" click box? I'm not Anonymous any more... people will actually SEE ME now? OMG!!!!! 

    *ROFLOL* - Pamela

  2. Ok, Claire, here goes nothin’…

    I think I would play with the fish and/or penguin, or both, because sometimes I have a mean streak. 

    I also must vote no on the Twilight quotes, LOL…

    The Stripper/BMI/Hot Models combo sounds like something that might kick me in my already bruised and overweight ego, LOL… (They are NOT kidding when they tell you dieting while you are quitting smoking is an exercise in futility, LOL…)

    I imagine I need to go peruse thru the “fun” widgets over at Musings, as I’ve only really looked at the functional ones. :)

    So I am going to try to post now.  *fingers crossed*!


  3. It's all for you, Jules! Wooohoooo!

  4. i didn't know I would strip away your cloak of anonymity! I only wanted to make things easier for the WordPress commenters. Here.....take this pair of Foster Grants and you can remain semi-incognito.

  5. was 36. You just missed it. Better luck next time!

  6. Wow, I never knew. I used to have a Blogger account but deleted it and moved onto the "more grown-up" Wordpress site. I missed all those widgets apparently, though. 
    You could maybe have "widget week" where you add a particularly amusing/offensive/useless widget to this blog site for a few days then switch it. Would it increase blog traffic? Maybe. Would it be fun nonetheless? Certainly.

  7. I have a fish widget on my iGoogle page....the fish look like little sperms and swim around aimlessly until you click on the "water" and a little dot appears that is apparently fish food!  It's totally mindless, and after playing with it for about three minutes (two and half minutes too long) so am I!

  8. Sperm, huh? I may have to re-think that one! lol

  9. Good idea. I think we'll start with Yo Momma jokes!


Yes! I've been there, Claire!