Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Almost Time to Par-tay! April 9! Write it DOWN!

Big doin's going on over here. The three month anniversary of I've Been There, Claire is on the horizon (Monday, to be precise). I want to say "thank you" to those of you who keep coming back, leaving comments and subscribing. And what better way than a special something from Parachute Promise, whose entire raison d'etre is gratitude? 

I'll be giving away three gift sets: cap + key ring, t-shirt + key ring, and mug + key ring. Each key ring comes in the signature Parachute Promise tin and includes the card with the Promises. The coolest thing is that the cap, mug and t-shirt are original, classic Parachute Promise merchandise, so you will have a fabulously unique gift.

So, this is the contest: Stop by on April 9 for the Par-tay Post. If you comment or subscribe, you will have one shot at the goodies. If you comment AND subscribe, you'll have TWO chances. You don't want to miss this! If you have already subscribed (thank you!!) you will also have a chance to win (of course, if you comment too, you'll have two chances!). The giveaway ends at midnight on April 9, so be prompt! No procrastinating!

When I began the blog, I wasn't sure if ANYONE (other than The Husband and those I bribe) would read it. I know you have a bazillion other ways you can spend your time, and I'm so very grateful you spend some of it with me. You are all rock stars!

Be sure to stop by on April 9, 2012, leave a comment and/or subscribe (remember, OR gives you one chance, AND gives you TWO chances!). And we'll par-tay til the cows come home!


  1. Aight, Lovely, talented, writer-lady…You know I already subscribe, so you KNOW i will be all up in here leaving comments, because I *HEART* you tremendously (anyone that call me a rock star? mad, MAD LOVE, Babe, what can I say?)

    Happy 3 month anniversary. I have to say it now, because I just KNOW I will be lost in a sea of congrats next week on your three month anniversary, so I wanted to make sure that you could actually READ mine!

    So this one is for you, Babe:

    Enjoy! :)

    Love ya!

  2. Jules! I ALWAYS read your comments and even when I have thousands a day(*dreaming!*), I will always hunt for yours! Thanks for the song!

  3. List of things to do Monday:

    1. Subscribe to Yes! I've been there, Claire!
    2. Unsubscribe to Yes! I've been there, Claire!
    3. Subscribe to Yes! I've been there, Claire!
    4. Unsubscribe to Yes! I've been there, Claire!
    5. Subscribe to Yes! I've been there, Claire!
    6. Unsubscribe to Yes! I've been there, Claire!
    7. Design 'John Tesh for Pres' T-shirt.
    8. Subscribe to Yes! I've been there, Claire!
    9. Unsubscribe to Yes! I've been there, Claire!

    1. OK.....apparently I have to clarify. The giveaway is for my nice subscribers, BOB....the ones who actually STAY subscribed! And I thought you were such a nice cat..... ;)

    2. To show you how nice I can be. I would like to give you this Sunshine Award. Wha? Well, have another. Check out dem guidelines on me blog, dar. Arrrr.


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