Monday, March 12, 2012


Am I gorgeous or what? I mean the site....duh! I'm thrilled to launch this beautiful new CUSTOM look. Remember when I gave you a hint? Did it ever occur to you that my surprise would be this utterly cool?

The fabulously talented and creative Amanda Oaks is the designer. I told her a little about myself, what I was writing, and where I wanted to go, and -- voila! -- I have this incredible new look that sums me up perfectly. In addition to her mad design skills, Amanda is also the curator of Kind Over Matter, a loving community of artists, entrepreneurs and life enthusiasts. Want your own custom site? Amanda is the gal for you! It will never be as cool as this one.... but second best isn't too bad.

The photographs were taken by the incomparable Kat McCullough, owner of Parachute Promise, a heartfelt site that offers gifts to express your gratitude. It's a lovely place (Amanda created the banner!) with an amazing story. Check it out.

Please poke around the new site. You can get the nickel tour on the Welcome page, or I suppose you can explore by yourself for free, if you must (hey, a gal's gotta make a living!). I have new categories, so some of your favorite posts may have been moved. But they're still here somewhere. Just look around. I have every confidence in your snooping abilities! Check out my facebook page and "like" me (you know you want to)!  Sign up for my newsletter (there's a freebie involved!).

Have you ever had a secret you were just busting to tell? Did you survive (without additional medication) until you could shout your news to the world?

Have you been there?


  1. Holy cow, Woman!!! I thought I had gone to the wrong site! This looks TERRIFIC!!!! Great job!

  2. It is awesome! So glad you like it -- and stayed long enough to figure out you were in the right place! Thanks for stopping by, Jules1


Yes! I've been there, Claire!