Thursday, March 8, 2012

I Need More Information!

I have gotten myself into some trouble recently because I didn't get enough information up front.  Sorta like if someone asks if you want to run an errand to the bank with them, and you find out that "the errand" is a bank robbery. OK, maybe not quite like that, but almost.

One recent example was agreeing to dog-sit for some friends on vacation. The request was made back in November for a February trip. Sure! No problem! Happy to help! The only thing I knew for sure was that there would be two dogs. I didn't know how long the trip would be, and I didn't ask. Probably just a long weekend, right? Nope. Ten days. Ten days with four dogs in the house. I was glad we could help, really and truly, but ten days is a long time with four dogs who may, or may not, get along. Ten days with four dogs who like to bark at passersby.....frequently. Ten days with four dogs  (+us) in our bed at night. Ten days with four dogs who want to play, need attention, and tended toward jealousy. It was a long ten days.

Sometimes instead of recognizing I need more information, I make assumptions. This tends to cost me money. Not good. I ordered a whole tree's worth of stationary and business cards. I didn't like our old email address because it was just too frickin' long, so I created another one for the stationary order.....before checking if it was available.....or long enough. The stationary was gorgeous! Lovely! Beautifully businesslike! And wrong! Turns out that the email address I created cannot exist because it was too short. The trees made their sacrifice for nothing, and The Husband has decided he will place the order from now on. Smart man.

The problem with not asking for more information is that, once I say yes, I'm stuck. I don't want to renig....that's not cool. I hate throwing money away. And I'm not too keen on the surprises I get when I finally find the information I should have obtained in the beginning....prior to dog-sitting commitments and stationary orders.

Here's my current dilemma. I offered to pay for a course for my daughter.....before checking out the actual cost. Then I found out. Holy moley! That shit is expensive! It costs about five times more than I thought it would (no lie). Checks or credit cards gladly accepted (or left tit/right nut depending on your gender). I'm sure it's totally worth it, and her life would be changed forever, but I wasn't prepared to spend that much. Now what?

Anyone wanna run by the bank with me? I need some cash......

Have you found yourself in a sticky situation because you didn't have enough information? What did you do to remedy this (clearly, this is an area where I could use some suggestions!)?

Have you been there?

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