Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Colonoscopies Are Fun!

OK, not really, but you gotta have a sense of humor, right?

I told you I was scheduled for a colonoscopy. I prepped on Sunday (you now, where everything inside has to be squeaky clean) and had the test on Monday. Fun stuff! My new BFF (the doc) asked if I planned to write about my experience. It wasn't a complete laugh riot, but there were some highlights.

I informed my brother,The Banker, about the upcoming test and he had one scheduled for the day after mine. I suggested we have them on the same day, together, so we could hold hands during the procedure. He figured he'd be alright on his own, but he sent me a text, grateful that we would soon get these tests "behind" us and wished me luck.  He was certain everything would come out fine "in the end." (Who knew bankers could be funny?) Of course, since my test preceded his, I reminded him that he would soon be the "butt" of the jokes, so he'd better be nice!

The other highlight occurred in the recovery area where all the patients were separated by curtains.  Sound travels easily, needless to say. Part of the procedure requires that the doctor inflate the bowel with air....and that air needs to come out.  Did you ever see the campfire scene in Blazing Saddles?    'Nuf said.

See? Colonoscopies are fun!

Have all you 50+ readers had your colonsocopy? Have you approached a similar test with a little humor? Trust me, it helps!

Have you been there?


  1. Yuppers - three times due to other issues when I was younger. I'm very lucky - I have the world's greatest doctor and her team LOVES her, so my procedures are quick. I even get to choose the music in the procedure room (for the 30 seconds before I'm out in lalaland).

    Glad your Bro has some humor!

    1. Really, I'd do the procedure itself every day if I had to. It was the PREP that killed me! Whew! So glad that's over.....for awhile!

  2. This is my... fourth or fifth colonoscopy in 35 years. They never get more pleasant, and I am supposed to have one once a year. I'm dreading the drinking of the stuff in two hours. *shudders*

    1. Well, bless your heart, JRose. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. I'm keeping fingers and toes crossed that they tell me I can wait a decade. We'll see.... Good luck!

  3. *raises hand shyly*

    I love saying "colon polyp" because it sounds like the General.

  4. yup had mine last year and i'm done for 10. all squeaky clean and fine!! i remember, though, when they werent so easy and required an overnight stay. Well, 2 of my patients had it scheduled for the next morning. one woman was in her 50s, the other was 19. the 19 year old was scared to death. she was crying, and upset...people didnt have these routinely (it was 1980) and most times it was because you had something terribly wrong. this girl had herself convinced she was going to kick the bucket before she hit 20. The kind 50 year old was trying to comfort her. she did everything. i talked to the girl. between us we couldnt do it..she was just sobbing. Till the very proper 50 something says. well. i've tried everything else. i guess i'm just gonna have to fart, blow the light out, and then they wont be able to do yours.
    The gril stopped crying. at first total shock was written all over her face, then she started to laugh. it was hilarious!!

    what a nice thing for older woman to do...and they both had it done with no dire complications or diagnosis..both were fine!!


Yes! I've been there, Claire!