Saturday, January 28, 2012

What Happens in Vegas... supposed to stay in Vegas, according to the slogan.

But, I will break the silence and tell ALL! Here goes (watch out! It gets pretty racy!)....

First, we all.....and then R.A. (no names...I have some discretion) went over to....and do you know what he did? Well! Let me tell you.......  And then, D.G. and G.R......and, OMG, I've never seen anything like that before! And to top it all off, J.L. and L.H. tried to..... which didn't work out too well, but they did manage to......And then we flew home!

Sorry, I couldn't break the code after all. I still have to see these folks...and I'm married to one, so the secrets (and there are many!) will die with me. Unless someone offers me an obscene amount of money, in which case I'll just skip the country, never to be seen or heard from again.

The real truth is that we had a great time, although some (OK...most) of my money stayed in Vegas. The reason?

Hopefully, the writing thing will work out since the gambling occupation is a no-go. I was certain my slot strategy would pay off BIG! Others in our group were more fortunate than I...damn it! I should probably listen to Dan Bennett who said, "One of the healthiest ways to gamble is with a spade and a package of garden seeds." Good thing I like gardening!

I haven't been to Vegas in thirty years. Needless to say, much has changed. I thought it was a pretty crazy place before, but it's really over the top now. Quite honestly, I suffered from sensory overload. There are flashing lights, loud music, tons of people. Everywhere. All the time. And that was just our group! Vegas is a fun place to visit for a few days, but I was definitely ready (and grateful!) for the peace and quiet of our home.

We stayed at the gorgeous Venetian Hotel. Decorations from the Chinese New Year were still in place. Lovely paper lanterns hung in forests of bamboo, and a gigantic dragon presided over a foggy fountain.

Even without the smoking dragon, the Venetian is a magnificent hotel...lots of marble, ceiling frescoes, huge fountains, AND the Grande Canal, complete gondolas and singing gondoliers. I think I walked around for the first day and a half with wide eyes and a gaping mouth. I'm a veteran traveler who has seen some wondrous sights, but it was still very impressive. ALL of it!

Venetian Tower

In spite of the gambling report above, The Husband and I did not spend all our time gambling. We saw Criss Angel's show, did some shopping, and rented a motorcycle. We took an afternoon and rode out to Hoover Dam. It is an amazing structure; a staggering example of engineering and construction genius, embellished with elegant Art Deco bas reliefs. It's easy to see why it's listed as one of the Top Ten Construction Achievements of the Twentieth Century. It was a relaxing break. Just the two of us, riding down the road like we've done a hundred times....comfortable, familiar, centering (although, I'll admit, I was missing my bike...just a little). We stopped in the lovely town of Boulder City (the old downtown) and grabbed a delectable snack (e'clair [my namesake!] for me, lemon square for T.H., if you must know) at a cute little bakery/bistro/B&B on the main drag (OK, OK! I give! It's called Milo's. Check it out!  Nice folks, too!). After our interlude, and a visit with Zoltar (think Big), who had the nerve to tell me I was "impetuous" and "outspoken" (of all things!), we zipped back to Sin City (or Lost Wages, in my case) for a birthday dinner at Gallagher's.

As I said, we had a wonderful time. The best part for me, whether it's a trip to the store or around the world, is coming home. And, whether we've been gone five minutes or five days, the greeting is always the same: Lady and Duchess meet us at the door with a full-body-contact expression of love and pure joy. They hop, skip and prance as they run back and forth between T.H. and me; a perfectly choreographed, synchronous dance as they welcome us home.  We love our dogs, and we love the peace and serenity of our home. And everyone sleeps better in their own bed. Why wouldn't we want to be here?

Are you a traveler or a home-body? Do you enjoy seeing new places and having adventures? Do you love coming home (I do!)?

Have you been there?

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