Friday, January 27, 2012

She's Got Legs!

They BOTH have legs!
Yes, she does! Not me, of course. OK, that's not exactly true. At a whopping five feet tall, I have legs too...just not long ones.

But I have seen some looong legs here in Vegas.

We're here with friends and family celebrating a milestone birthday -- the Big 4-0. I'm 54 and my birthday was in October (go Libra!), so it ain't me. But I'm still having fun with them.

Our celebration extravaganza included riding the zipline down Fremont Street. My short little legs were dangling over the crowds as I flew down the cable. There are cameras set up to take pictures as you whoosh by. My friends had great pictures taken of them. Nice smiles, great angles. Every picture of me (except the group shot) is of my backside. EVERY ONE! Not a pretty sight, I assure you.

There are a bazillion other photo ops on Fremont Street  -- great shots that don't include my backside. Batman, Cookie Monster and Bugs Bunny pose with tourists. There are artists painting, contortionists posing, and more flashing lights and signs than you can imagine.  The Husband wanted a picture with two showgirls. He's tall but the legs of those two girls stretched to his waist as he stood beside them. At least, from my perspective.

Everywhere I look, there are tall, skinny women with long, skinny legs. And, of course, they are all sporting 4" heels, a Herculean task for me. I get light-headed at those altitudes. I've heard there's a checkpoint when you drive into Las Vegas where members of the Council for Beauty and Long-Leggedness weigh you and measure your legs. Kinda like the rides at the midway that measure height -- your legs have to be so long to enter the city.

Thank God we flew.

Still, my legs managed to walk me all over Fremont Street, the casino, and points in between, strolling at my standard ratio: one stride for The Husband, one and a half for me.

Marlene Dietrich said, "Darling, the legs aren't so beautiful, I just know what to do with them."

I couldn't agree more!

Have you ever been envious of, even intimidated by, the physical attributes of those around you? Have you found a way to be grateful anyway?

Have you been there?

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