Welcome to my blog! I’d love to take you on the nickel tour so we can become better acquainted.

This is what you’ll find in the categories:
*Spiritual Fables includes stories that are more like fables and less like traditional blog posts. I wrote the majority of them many moons ago to help me come to terms with things like surrender, acceptance and forgiveness. They helped me heal. Maybe you can find help and comfort there as well.

*Life As I Know It has stories about my upbringing and life today, as well as personal views and thoughts about….you guessed it!....life.

*The Writing Life incorporates my struggles and successes as a writer.

*Laugh-A-Minute includes the crazy, stupid shit I seem to pull on a fairly regular basis.

*Motorcycle Mama I love my bike and I love to ride! Here you will find the joys of riding a motorcycle and learn how to be a Bad Ass Motorcycle Mama.

I chose title of the site, I’ve Been There, Claire!, because I hate thinking that I’m the ONLY one who feels the way I feel, or does the things I do. I know I’m not alone….and neither are you! Let’s share our stories and help each other through everything that is LIFE: the confusion and the crap, the happiness and the humor. I’m sure you’ve “been there” too! Tell me about it!