Hi y’all! I’m Claire. Native Texan, writer, mother/grandmother, wife, sister, friend. But mostly, I’m just a very human being!

I make mistakes – LOTS of them. Like the time I married a guy for three weeks. Or like the time I made a decision based on fear that cost me thousands of dollars. Or the time I ordered business cards with the wrong information because I made an assumption. See? Mistakes. Lots of ‘em. Been there, done that!

But the cool thing is that I’ve learned from my mistakes (mostly) and my mission is to share my experiences, maybe a solution or two, as honestly and authentically as I can (names will be changed to protect the guilty!)

I would love to dialogue with you, dear reader, to commiserate, laugh at our foibles, and find the good in every situation. It’s always there. Always.

I’m a motorcycle-riding, chocolate-loving, fallible (and hopefully funny) rebel. I absolutely adore my life, but it’s definitely had its rough spots along the way. Hop on and ride with me – let’s see how far we can travel his road together.

Have you done crazy, stupid shit in your life? Have you felt alone in those moments? You’re not alone anymore!

Have you been there?

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