Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I read The Bloggess' most recent post today. She alludes to an old adage (If wishes were horses, beggars would ride), with her special twist, of course. After the funny stuff, she courageously listed her own wishes, and asked her readers to list theirs. For me, this is where the real post began.

Some "wishes" were funny like non-neurotic dogs, a house elf, or "whirled peas", while others were wistful (a house by the sea or the ability to teleport.....which would be totally cool). There were lots of money wishes -- to be debt-free and/or financially independent. 

Some were heartbreaking....destroying the cancer that's killing a loved one, the baby that remains a dream, the return of loved ones who have passed. Some situations can't be reversed or ameliorated. My wish would be that all these pains, hurts, losses and griefs would be healed.

But I saw lots of "wishes" that are totally do-able:
  • Paint, write, sing, dance, sculpt.....creative endeavors: Take a class, either online or in person. Look up YouTube videos. Ask a creative friend. Don't worry about doing it perfectly or being able to make a living at it. Do it because you want to....because it brings you joy or peace or fulfillment. Do it for YOU! 
  • Friends, love, a relationship: Join a group or class at church or in the community. Volunteer for a worthy cause. Take your dog to a park. Get involved in a campaign, political or otherwise. Live your life. LOVE your life. Stretch (metaphorically). Go on adventures. There are many ways to make friends and find love. Don't give up -- you deserve a full life with friends and fun!
  • Worthwhile work or a new job: Fill out a bazillion applications. Pump up your resume or your skills. Network. Go to professional meetings or join a group. Tell your friends. I understand that jobs can be scarce, but they are out there. If you are unhappy about yours, do something about it. As my mother used to say, "Fish or cut bait."
  • Appearance/weight/body: I understand that it's easier to wish than take action. I've been overweight most of my life. I believe that if I actually worked out and ate right, I'd lose the weight. I will never be "model" perfect, but healthy is good enough for me. I just need to get off my ass (literally) and do it. You can too.
Maybe you noticed that the bulleted wish list above begins with you. They may require some courage, but they all require ACTION. You aren't powerless -- you don't have to wish. And you can have the life you want.

What would you wish for? How many of your wishes are within your power?

Have you been there?

P. S. If you are having problems with depression, anxiety, family issues, shame, alcohol/drugs/eating disorder......please get help. Sometimes it takes awhile to find the right therapist, group or sponsor, but don't give up! You are worth it and your life will get better. Promise. <3


  1. I live my heart whispers (wishes). I didn't always, but having almost died a few years ago, it became utterly important for me to live my own wishes in ways that I guided others to. Here is the "silly thing". I am excellent/marvelous/magnificent at living the grandiose/others think it impossible wishes.... it is the little, very do-able ones that trip me up. For example, for several years I have made wish lists and one item that remains on it is having high tea with friends--hosted at a home, or attending at a local tea place. There are several wonderful local tea places, and I have hosted casual tea, and I have "moved mountains" but I still hadn't had high tea. Since I moved last month, I have done so many "firsts"...things I have always wanted to do (like attend a First Friday painting party, go to the pier at night with my son, attend a three-day festival)...it's like this move opened doors that over time kind of slid shut.

  2. I love your follow up to all those wishes. After reading all of them I'm so touched and feel a part of a huge community

  3. I LOVE the way you live your wishes, Joy! Maybe we should go here when we meet: http://highteacottage.com/id10.html or someplace else similar. I would love to share that wish with you. <3

  4. I read the Bloggess' post and almost all the comments. I made my own comment as well. After I made it I realized *I* could actually *do* something about my wish. I then wondered how many people did anything different in their life after posting their wish. I did. I hope others did as well.

  5. Good for you, Judy!! That's what I kept thinking when I read them....you can DO something about that! And my post wasn't meant as a knock -- just a reminder. I'm so glad you did something different. I bet it felt great. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Yay Cindy! I wanted to remind people that they have more power over their lives than they may think. Thanks for reading. :)

  7. The Dose of RealityJuly 11, 2013 at 10:28 AM

    Loved reading through the comments on that post of hers...they were amazing. :)-Ashley

  8. You are *so amazing* Claire! How incredibly thoughtful to take the time to research local places for high tea. Wow. You see, I still have limited mind-set sometimes...because my mind says, it will already be a wonderful miracle to meet you!!!...and how could I possibly ask for more than that! I would love love love to go to tea with you!

  9. I love the end of this post! The reminder that wishes can become reality but they all require ACTION. They don't just happen. This was great!

  10. I loved it too.....except for the ones that broke my heart. I think another 400 comments or so are after mine. Maybe I should read some more! Thanks for stopping by.

  11. Thanks so much VV! That was my goal in writing. Thanks for reading!


Yes! I've been there, Claire!