Monday, August 20, 2012


It's been a long week and I've done some slacking. Not bad bad, just kinda bad. Slacking evidence includes too many DDPs, too little exercise, and a little eating after nine o'clock. Like I said, not bad bad....... 

However, I don't want to stay in Slackerville so I made a couple of purchases today that should help. I bought a large DDP from Sonic (they have great ice!) instead of the twelve pack I planned to buy. And I bought some tinted, adult-sized swimming goggles (I had a pair of junior size because that's all they had left at the grocery store, but it felt like my eyes would pop out of their sockets). Yes, I know, the swim season is almost over......except in Texas. We can swim well into September because it is so freaking hot here in the summer.  The determining factor is the nightly temperature, and how consistently cool it is. The reason I need the goggles (even though I've been swimming lots of laps without them) is that I am going to swim some laps with more intensity (since my stamina has increased). My laps, thus far, have been the breast stroke and the backstroke. They are easy for me (at this point), but they don't get my heart rate up very high. Now, I feel like I can break up these laps and insert a few laps of the American Crawl, which does raise my heart rate.....but it also hurts my eyes (damn chlorine!). My goal is to swim all thirty minutes (and more later) using the American Crawl, hence the goggles. 

I continue to listen to my Slimpod and I still believe it's helping.  I hear the words and phrases in my head as I go through my day and make choices about food and exercise. One of the things I like about it is that it's gentle.  There are no admonishments, no challenges, no rules.....just suggestions (voiced with a lovely British accent, no less). 

Even with all my slacking, I lost another pound. Yay! But that does not mean I will continue in my evil ways. In fact, I may step things up a bit. Check my math on this one (former English teacher, remember?): I want to lose about eighty pounds. At a pound a week, it'll take me about eighteen months to drop it all. UGH! I want to dump it YESTERDAY! I know slower is better, and I'm not shooting for a five pound loss per week, but a couple would be nice. 

Have you slacked off lately (diet, project, work, etc)? How did you change your evil ways?

Have you been there?

P.S. I promise all my posts won't be about my lovely weight loss journey -- BORRRRING! But I made a commitment to you and me that I would post the Monday Morsel. The rest of my life has been kinda jam packed with family issues lately. But I plan to become more regular....promise. And I wondered if you had any requests for a specific post  or a type of post? Just wonderin'......


  1. YES--I have been a major slacker recently. Everything seems to keep happening at the last minute ...

  2. my diet makes me want to die right now. but if you put any weapons that could inflict self-harm in front of me, i'd probably just eat them. because i'm so hungry. and because that woman in atlanta who swallowed a butter knife seem to be alive. and probably thin from all of the blood vomiting.

  3. I've been slacking too----late on my blogs, last-minute on my homework (I graduate in November and I can't wait!), piles of laundry....I could go on but I won't. ;o)


Yes! I've been there, Claire!