Saturday, April 28, 2012

My new BFFs

I got to meet The Bloggess! It was quite the adventure. The other (major!) highlight was meeting Lauren who pens the magnificent blog, Filing Jointly Finally.

If you've read The Bloggess (aka Jenny Lawson), you know she writes some crazy shit. One of her most famous posts  is about Beyonce, the huge metal chicken (actually, it's a big metal rooster but she calls it a chicken and who am I to argue with a best selling author?). Apparently lots of people know about Beyonce because numerous chicken/roosters (or choosters, as I call them) attended the book signing. 

This is for you, BOB.
That's a tentacle on my finger -- a
gift from Lauren.
Now, there were some interesting people there (feel free to read whatever you want into that because it's probably accurate, like the lady sitting four feet in front of Jenny that yelled, "Fuck, yeah!" about every five minutes). But the most interesting person there was Lauren (and definitely the prettiest). But not just Lauren....Ryan was there too. I finally got to meet the guy who ruins all her holidays and won't give her gemstones (geeez, Ryan, wtf??). But, other than his obvious issues, he was a pretty nice guy. He bought me tea, and when anyone buys me tea, I think they're pretty nice. And so, for your viewing pleasure, Bob, here is a picture of Lauren and me. (We would have taken one with The Bloggess too, but they had us in a line and shooed us through as quickly as possible.....I think one of them had a cattle prod). 

All in all, I had a wonderful evening with my new BFFs, Jenny and Lauren. I'm not sure I'll make another book signing, but this one was awesome!

Have you ever met someone (famous [Jenny] or even semi-famous [Lauren]) that you loved and respected? Was it a joyous adventure (ours was!)?

Have you been there?


  1. AWESOME ! That is totally AWESOME! You guys rule. And one of you rocks. Or one of rules and the other one rocks. Or one of you rocks and the other rules. Or . . . . . . . . .  my head hurts. You two fight it out.

    but THANKS! That is a very cool action you have done.

    A Gazillion Legend Points ! 1/2 for you and 1/2 for Lauren. Your Legend Points will be deposited in your Legend Accounts.

    (Substantial penalty for early withdrawal. Offer may not apply in certain states. Void where prohibited. Other restrictions may apply.

    Batteries not included.)

  2. No batteries, Bob? WTF?? 

  3. What an awesome opportunity! As expected, you had a rip-roarin' good time. *S* Woo-Hooo!

    And yea, Bob, no batteries? WTF!?! In quoting Claire... *LOL*

  4. Ok, can I just tell you how much I totally hate you right now?  :)  And I swear I mean that in the nicest way!  Lauren AND Jenny AND Claire in the same place at the same time? Holy shit!

    I have never ever met anyone famous. The closest I ever come is looking in the mirror in the morning, and it doesn’t count because I’m not famous.  YET. :) I live in hope.  ;)

    You lucky girl!  :)

  5. I went to the Bloggess's book signing too.  It was awesome.

  6. No.  Sigh. 
    The green monster is alive and well here.
    So glad you got to meet them!  Fun!!

  7. You weren't one of the people who asked Jenny to sign your boobs, were you? (...Were you tempted to ask?!)
    Glad that you met celebrities who were awesome in the flesh: I'm sure plenty of them don't live up to their hype...

  8. Oh Look It's Me!  Yay!  I still get really excited to be featured on blogs because, even though you have so nicely suggested otherwise, I am not even a little bit semi-famous.  I feel very shiny and happy right now.  Also a little sleepy.  I really don't understand why my boss will not let me take naps under my desk at lunch time.  Tyrant.


Yes! I've been there, Claire!