Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Repeat After Me: Change Is GOOD!

Change IS good!!
Most of the time, when I hear that something is going to change, I want to hide. Change may be my friend, but the feeling is not always reciprocated. Change can be difficult, challenging, frustrating and a general pain in the ass. Moving is one of my least favorite changes. During my last three years of teaching, I moved classrooms each year. I had boxes upon boxes of books and files (former English teacher....'nuf said), even after culling through them for duplicates and obsolete materials.

Last summer, we were planning a move from Texas to Colorado (doesn't everyone want to move out of Texas in the summer?). In preparation, and with incredible foresight on my part, I packed up things that I wanted to keep, but could do without for the time being. After a visit to the mountains, we decided we jumped the gun, and made the decision to stay in Texas and remodel. I still have boxes to unpack. So much for foresight!

Why does change get such a bad rap? Many times, change is equated with loss. Losing something like a job, home, or loved one can be painful, confusing or fearful. But it doesn't have to be.

Here's a newsflash for you:

It's not the change itself that causes us pain, it's our resistance to the change.

Change is inevitable; pain is optional.

They say (whoever "they" are) that whenever God closes one door, he opens another....but it's hell in the hallway. The limbo-aspect of change can be unsettling. Whenever I'm in the Hallway of Hell, I do something -- anything -- to distract myself. I don't want to put my focus and energy toward the hallway....I want to direct it toward the new door. I take action toward the door, whether it appears to open or not. If  it becomes utterly apparent that my path is blocked (so obvious that a blind man could see it...or even moi), I may take action in a different direction like I did here. Or I may do nothing and simply wait for guidance. Either way, I know something good awaits me.  Always. I just have to be willing, and open-minded enough to see it.  Of course, none of this may happen in my time (it rarely, if ever, does), but The Universe doesn't wear a watch. I must be patient. UGH!

When you're in the Hallway, it's hard to remember that change is good. So, I created a lovely, positive acronym to remind you that change is a good thing. However, since I am a technidiot, I am unable to post the acronym, in all its loveliness, for you to see here; you  HAVE to click on the link.

C.H.A.N.G.E. <<< Click it! You know you want to!! You can even prints dozens of copies to hang in conspicuous places, give to well-deserving friends and relatives, or save til Christmas to send with your Yuletide greetings. No charge! Gratis! Free even!

You may hate unexpected change, but what if you DO want to change? What then? Simple....take action. Any action. After all, if nothing changes, nothing changes.

Have you been resistant to change? Do you become frustrated or scared in the midst of change? What can you do to relax into the change(s)?

Have you been there?

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