Friday, March 2, 2012

The Only Bright Star In My Dark Night

Disc GolfThe Husband suggested we play a little video disc golf tonight. And I, being the smart ass I am, suggested we play on the snowy course because he tends to have a hard time on the snowy course. "Hard time" for The Husband is a relative term. He excels at everything, which is incredibly annoying. And it makes me want to stomp his face in whenever we compete.

Sadly, he wasn't the one who had a difficult time tonight. I started out well -- one stroke under. He caught up and we were even throughout most of the nine holes. Until the last one.....

I grabbed my disc, certain I would surpass him on this, the final hole. I was confident, secure in my abilities, and ready to kick some ass! I was headed toward the pin......and right over the side of that motherfucking mountain.

Maybe I can magically throw it up over the side of the mountain and into the basket. Sure I can! That's the ticket!
Shaking off this disastrous turn of affairs, I picked up my disc and THREW! And I threw AGAIN! (By this time, The Husband is laughing hysterically.....naturally.) And AGAIN! I couldn't get that disc up over that hill to save my soul. The Husband is now turning purple from laughter.

Finally, another throw or two later, I made it! Glory hallelujah! Until it slid on the ice  back over the side......

My avatar fell to the ground in ignominy and disgrace. I felt her pain.

The Husband laughed so hard is cheeks hurt. I asked (with hope and great interest) if it was painful. "Very," he said.
*sigh* The only bright star in my dark night........

Have you been in a competition of dire importance, and everything went wrong?

Have you been there?

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Yes! I've been there, Claire!