Tuesday, February 14, 2012

This Is Not For YOU!

I know it's not Valentine yet but I'm full of ...
But I'm sharing it with you anyway, because I say this crap all the time. Just thought I'd put it in writing (for, uh, all the world to see).

To My Husband:

When I add them up, we haven't spent very many Valentine's Days together, in spite of the fact that it feels like I've been in love with you my entire life. Maybe longer.  I could say something sappy like, "Every day is Valentine's Day with you, Honey." But it's not.

Some days suck. Not many, but there have been an afternoon or morning, here and there. At first, I had a hard time with stuff like that. Remember? Of course you do! I wore my heart on my sleeve...my shirt, my pants, down to my socks. Is there something thinner than "thin-skin?" You remember. And you loved me anyway.

Sometimes we have to take a time out. But we always come back together and work through it. I love your willingness to do that. To talk things out. Even when it's scary or painful or (especially) when there's some nasty stain of shame attached. You always make those conversations easy for me. You look at me, and listen, and wait until I'm done (sometimes you have to wait for me to even begin. Thank you for your patience!). And you don't try to fix it. You just....listen....and let me cry ('cause I always cry...and luckily you've learned how to deal with that too). And love me.

But we have lots of good days. Actually, lots and lots of great days. So much joy and laughter lives in our home! Especially when I kick your ass at something -- anything! The fact that you're so damn good at everything just makes me try that much harder (good thing we're not competitive ;)). You are a gracious winner (probably because you've had so much practice) as well as a gracious loser. In fact, you're usually more excited about my wins and successes than I am. And I can tell that it's not just some generic 'atta girl. I see genuine delight in your eyes at my accomplishments. You give me the courage to feel that same delight...to own it and make it a part of me. That's huge.

You do so many little things to show me you love me. You put me first, more often than not. And probably more often than I even realize.  So I watch you. I try to emulate you....did you know that? You show me what it means to be kind, thoughtful, courageous and strong. Every day. I marvel at your generosity and selflessness. You truly are the "nice one" out of the two of us. Whoda thunk it?

I love your adventurous spirit! We have a great time riding motorcycles, playing pool, discovering new places.....whatever. I know we have lots of exciting times in our future as travel buddies, partners in crime, best friends. There's no one I'd rather chillax with than you.

But I think my favorite thing is your unshakable faith. Your faith in God has given you a wonderful confidence in yourself....'cause you know He's got your back. Together we form a triangle, with God, our Source and our Good, at the base, as our Foundation and Guide. I love that we pray together. Thank you for sharing your faith with me.

And it doesn't hurt that you're smokin' hot. And the best kisser anywhere in the Universe (need proof? Read The Ten Second Kiss). And that you can fix anything. Just sayin'.

Have you written a love letter to your beloved? Or a friend or family member? Appreciate them. Tell them how they have affected your life.

Have you been there?

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