Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bonehead Move

English: Medical adhesive bandage
Seemed like a good idea at the time....

I recently placed hot food on a plate that my parents bought on their honeymoon in Italy. It broke in half.

Today, I thought I would put it back together. Ever heard of Gorilla Glue?

I carefully placed the glue on the break and held together for 45 seconds (yes, I counted). I checked the underside of the plate to see if it leaked out on the areas that would touch the counter. Didn't see any.....set plate on counter.

New Silestone counter.....

New dark blue Silestone counter + white plate.....

It stuck.

The Husband warned me that the white plate may re-break in the attempt to remove it from the new dark blue Silestone counter. Amazingly, it didn't! It did leave a little bit of the plate behind, however, which I tried to brush off, like you would brush animal cracker crumbs off your toddler. Animal cracker crumbs on a child are brushable; jagged glass shards stuck to the counter with Gorilla Glue are not.

I am now bleeding like a stuck pig.

And you thought I was perfect......

Have you been there? (Please say "yes"....I don't want to be the only bonehead around!!)


  1. Bless you!
    While I've not quite been THERE, I have bled everywhere in an embarrassing fashion after cutting my finger on paper. Which is one of the stupidest ways to injure yourself, surely?

  2. [...] Black Eye Number Two: I have to qualify this black eye by saying I have really strong fingernails. My thumbnail is practically unbreakable. I know this sounds weird, but it’s true: I was asleep and became chilly so I grabbed my covers and pulled them up to my chin. My left hand slipped, thumbnail banged just to the side of my nose bridge and — voila! — yet another black eye. I shit you not! That is exactly what happened. Am I a genius or what? No wonder I have millions…uh…thousa…uh…tens of followers! You just can’t wait to see what kinda shit I’m gonna pull next. Want proof? Read this: Bonehead Move. [...]


Yes! I've been there, Claire!